Willamette Haze, LLC Quality Statement

Response to Vaping Health Concerns

Willamette Haze, LLC is a family owned cannabis business in McMinnville, OR focused on pure cannabis oil extraction using supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to produce the most delicious cannabis extracts available.

Naturally occurring terpenes are captured during the extraction process so terpenes from each specific batch of cannabis raw material are blended back into the extracted oil for the most natural and flavorful vaping experience.

It appears that the recently reported vaping illnesses are related to adulterated product, either due to additives or contaminated vape cartridge equipment.

Willamette Haze oil cartridges contain ONLY pure, palate-pleasing cannabis oil, extracted straight from the flower, without any artificial flavors, additives or distillates.

We never add anything to our oil. We only selectively remove desired cannabinoids and oil from the cannabis raw material using food grade CO2, 200 proof food grade ethanol, and sterile filtration media.

Our pure CO2 extracted vaping oils are available in premium borosilicate CCELL glass cartridges with ceramic heating element and mouthpiece, sourced from a qualified/reputable US distributor.