Willamette Haze sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis oil box fronts angled





Oil Specs:


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  • THC                                                           71.2%
  • CBD                                                           0.28%
  • CBG                                                           2.44%
  • Terpenes                                                  5.40% 
  • Production Date                          05/01/2019
  • Test Date                                      06/10/2019
  • Metrc ID      1A401030002227D000000165


Pure Flavor,

Straight From the Flower.

The giant worms of Dune never created a spice like this, but we did! It may even take you to Arrakis. Our testers got as far as Geidi Prime, without even the need for Guild Navigators.

This unique Hybrid of Hybrids, blended by the Mother Root Herself into a carefully combined symphony of strains brings the Spice Essence here to the green hills of Oregon.

This single-run blissful blend will delight both your tongue and your imagination. A puff or two will have you folding Space in no time!