Willamette Haze sativa cannabis oil box front



Oil Specs:

J1 048

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  • THC                                                       70.55%
  • CBD                                                      3.705%
  • CBG                                                        LOQ
  • Terpenes                                               2.74% 
  • Production Date                          03/22/2019
  • Test Date                                      03/29/2019
  • Metrc ID    1A401030002227D0000000048


Leafly Strain Description

Pure Flavor,

Straight From the Flower.

True cannabis lovers know this: Jack’s got your back. Certainly he has been a favored son of Mother Root for some time now. Who else but Jack Herer might be identified with a single letter?

The one J, and here the J1 – Jack’s essence bred to bring you some very juicy, kind buds indeed, simply exuding both CBD and THC, just as the man himself would want it.

With Willamette Haze J1 oil, we have carefully collected Jack’s crucial cannabinoids to bring you the smoothest aspects of our old bud J and produced a powerful puff sure to add some Jack to your step, tastefully soothing both body and mind.