Willamette Haze indica cannabis oil box angled close-up


rotovap bulb full of oil

Oil Specs:

Incredible Bulk 019

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  • THC                                                           68.2%
  • CBD                                                           0.36%
  • CBG                                                          7.40%
  • Terpenes                                                 3.20% 
  • Production Date                          03/05/2019
  • Test Date                                      06/10/2019
  • Metrc ID      1A401030002227D000000019

Leafly Strain Description

Pure Flavor,

Straight From the Flower.

The bulk of the matter can only be the rich soil of Yamhill Valley itself.

Here the Mother Root draws it up into her fat, fragrant flowers, bursting with bulky, earthy terpenes to keep you pleasantly grounded.

And still, incredible, indica-inspired insights into the higher realms are yours for the puffing with Willamette Haze Incredible Bulk cannabis oil.

Incredible, but true!