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Willamette Haze logo with green outline over trees near Mt. Hood






Oil Specs:

Grapefruit Diesel 039

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  • THC                                                           64.6%
  • CBD                                                           0.47%
  • CBG                                                           2.02%
  • Terpenes                                                 8.39% 
  • Production Date                          03/21/2019
  • Test Date                                      03/29/2019
  • Metrc ID      1A401030002227D000000039


Leafly Strain Description

Pure Flavor,

Straight From the Flower.


On a foggy, moist morning trekking through the waves of green hills here with the Mother Root, she kindly turned to me and said, “I think your Grapefruit Diesel might be my favorite fruity fuel yet!

It has a lovely lift, and just a bit of my bite to pique people’s palates.

A tasty hybrid, indeed, and perfect for lifting both posture and perspective on these occasionally grey jaunts!”

We cannot doubt her correctness here~

A few delicious puffs of Willamette Haze Grapefruit Diesel cannabis oil will have you firing smoothly and happily on all cylinders, with just the right juice!




Grapefruit Diesel 073