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Oil Specs:

DoSiDos 030

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  • THC                                                           72.3%
  • CBD                                                          0.305%
  • CBG                                                           2.58%
  • Terpenes                                                 2.54% 
  • Production Date                          02/13/2019
  • Test Date                                      03/29/2019
  • Metrc ID      1A401030002227D000000030


Leafly Strain Description

Pure Flavor,

Straight From the Flower.

The square dancing abilities of the Mother Root are, of course, legendary. Even without the legends, you’ll feel Her beneficial cannabinoids dance throughout you from the first tangy taste of this smooth Willamette Haze DoSiDos cannabis oil. When this Favorite Girl calls the tune, though, the fiddle takes on a much more mellow tone.

So, sure, do-si-so and twirl round and round about the barn if you like. That’s to be expected after a couple of deliciously citrus puffs of our DoSiDos, naturally.

Then, after all the spinning and twirling, bow into the indica inspired, deeper DoSiDos of a mellow swirl through the green hills of Willamette Valley, arm in arm with Her, wherever you may be at the moment,



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