Willamette Haze cannabis oil cartidge standing in box instert


Willamette Haze hybrid cannabis oil box front




Oil Specs:

Bruce Banner 089

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  • THC                                                           69.7%
  • CBD                                                           0.56%
  • CBG                                                           3.07%
  • Terpenes                                                  5.57% 
  • Production Date                          04/02/2019
  • Test Date                                      05/03/2019
  • Metrc ID      1A401030002227D000000089


Leafly Strain Description

Pure Flavor,

Straight From the Flower.

The legend has it that, long before all the nuclear nastiness and subsequent monstrous green fury, our man Bruce was a much more mellow fellow. Often was he seen wandering the green hills of Willamette Valley arm in arm with his beloved Mother Root, nurturing his greener inner nature while they planted seeds of delight in everyone they met.

Harsh removal from that pleasant life likely only contributed to his later anger.

You doubt my tale? I have the proof of it right here in our Willamette Haze Bruce Banner cannabis oil, derived directly from their efforts. We’ve extracted only the inner smoothness of old Bruce and left out the angry green beast.

The only question is, how did we still keep things green enough that you can even taste a bit of lime in there?